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FEBRUARY 3-10, 2024

Costa Rica


7 Nights at The Goddess Garden on the beach on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

Activities Included:

  • Two daily yoga practices

    Lead by Beth and Kristen – honoring the divine feminine with daily asana, pranayama, nidra, yin, and restorative practices for all levels.

  • Rainforest Canopy Ziplining Adventure

    Eight aerial platforms and 1200 meters of cable are nestled deep into the jungle. After a short walk the adventure starts. Our professional guide will take us from one platform to the other explaining facts about the vegetation, the animals, and how the local indigenous use some of the herbs you will see. An incredible way to experience the jungle!

  • Snorkeling at Cahuita National Park

    The coral reef of Cahuita National Park includes approximately 240 habitats. There are 123 different species of fish, 44 species of crustaceans, 140 shellfish and 1281 seaweed species identified. We
    can also observe 35 different coral species such as the fire coral, the red coral and the black coral which is unique to this area and miles of white beach and dense tropical jungle.

  • Night Tour to Frog Pond

    Explore the on-site frog pond with the guidance of owner and PhD naturalist Jacqueline Burkler. She explains the habitat and the nocturnal animals that frequent the area, such as red-eyed tree frogs. This is a wonderful opportunity to see Costa Rican animals that only come out at night!

  • Bribri indigenous reserve/chocolate tour with waterfall

    The Bribri are indigenous people of Costa rica. You will visit a native family, they will show how they live, their language, how they build their houses with natural materials, their heritage, cooking, and history. In the yard they will explain to you natural treatments and medicinal plants, learn how to make rope and extract colors and participate in a hunting demonstration with bow and arrow with a Bribri man. Then you can learn how to make organic chocolate and try 10 different flavors of chocolate created with fruits and plants from their garden. To cool down you are going to visit a beautiful waterfall where you can relax and swim.

  • Cacao ceremony

    We’ll channel Ixcacao, the Mayan Goddess of Cacao, to guide us through a divine ceremony to bring us together. Most indigenous people regard the cacao spirit as a feminine force. Mama Cacao holds the vibration of kindness, unconditional love and joy – allowing a loving connection with yourself and others.

  • and More!

    Plus many other optional activities including surfing, horseback riding, spa treatments and more!

Honoring the Divine Feminine

The energy of the divine feminine is present within all beings. Honoring the divine feminine helps to foster a harmonious balance within. Connecting to the energy of the divine feminine can bring a range of benefits to our spiritual, emotional and physical well being including increased self awareness, enhanced creativity, increased balance and harmony, greater connection to nature and a greater sense of purpose.

The Journey of a Lifetime

a safe space for transformation
A retreat is a time set apart to do just that. For generations, people have gone on retreats to experience rest and rejuvenation. Retreats remove us from noise and distraction, and allow us to cultivate space for change and growth.
It can be as simple as finding the time and space to take a big, deep breath in your busy life.
  • Meditation


  • Meditation

  • Mantra

  • Snorkeling

  • Exploring
  • Relaxing